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Electric Shisha Pen in Pakistan 

What is Electric Shisha Pen?

Electric glass pan in Pakistan is the latest celebrity obsession to sweep the country’s VIP clubs, festivals and celebrity hangouts. 500 puffs of tobacco It is free of tar, nicotine, tobacco, and carbon monoxide. Get a glass pen to encourage all the benefits of smoking and enjoy the new e-glass pen. Smokers love the electric glass pan because it is portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Electronic Shisha Pen Price in Pakistan can be used in public places, restaurants and flights among other places. They have a capacity of 500 puffs. With our innovative disposable e-glass there is no odor of tobacco on clothes, hands, or skin. Electronic cigarettes have a pleasant taste and no odor. There was no ash and no harmful smoke. The price of electric glass pan in Pakistan is beneficial for both people and environment, and the starter kit allows it to be used. Cigarette Electronics A 650mAh battery powers it. There is no tar or other carcinogen. No harm has been done to others and the environment.

How Electric Shisha Pen works?

Electronic Shisha Pen in  Online in Pakistan is the most efficient, intelligent, best performing, and low cost atomizer in its class. It surpasses regular cigarettes in terms of portability and aesthetic appeal. You do not have to use a glass pen all the time. Furthermore, unlike nicotine cigarettes, this healthier option does not eliminate any other smoke or potentially harmful compounds. Teaser Gun One e cigarette is equivalent to one and a half packs of regular cigarettes. Electronic Shisha Pen in Islamabad, is the most straightforward technique for those who want to quit smoking.

Electronic Shisha Pen in Lahore is a great alternative to beauty and beauty, which gives you a tasty smoking that is free from harmful chemicals. The battle to make glass pen smoking illegal will be won. This device is basically an exact replica of the first cigarette, which gives you a soothing effect like a real electronic cigarette. In Pakistan, Karachi, the electric glass pen runs mainly on battery-powered principal units and channels.

There are ten different channels in electric glass pan in Pakistan, each of which can contain 20,000 puffs. With the goal of starting smoking in mind, you may want to connect the channel to the necessary control unit. The device also draws attention to the red drive, which shines with each puff. A rechargeable lithium particle battery powers an electric glass pan in Lahore, Pakistan, allowing it to run longer.


Electric glass pens in Pakistan do not produce any ash nor do they emit any harmful smoke. Both people and the environment benefit from electric glass. The 650mAh battery powers the Electric Glass Pan Review.

  1. Easy to implement
  2. A new and improved way of smoking that does not emit harmful fumes.
  3. It benefits both humans and the environment because there are no more toxic fumes or ashes.
  4. It has a style that is both portable and attractive.
  5. Battery capacity is 650mAh.
  6. It is the best, smartest, most cost effective, and efficient atomizer in all its fields.
How to use Electric Shisha Pen?  

Electronic Shisha Pen in Islamabad is equivalent to one and a half packs of cigarettes. Anex Juicer The Shisha Pen is for all smokers who want to quit smoking according to the simplest alternative. This is a great alternative to juicer, annex cigarettes and beauty, which gives you a tasty smoking that is free from harmful chemicals. Following are the instructions for using electric glass pen in Urdu.

  1. To get started, give the glass pen an hour to charge.
  2. Then separate the smoking tip and pour the flavored liquid into a glass tube, tilting it until it reaches the 1.6ml mark.
  3. Pour the flavored liquid carefully so that it does not drip into the white element in the middle.
  4. After that, replace the battery and turn on the smoking tip again.
  5. The device has an on / off function. To turn it off, press the button five times in a row. Click the button five more times to turn it on.
  6. You should be able to breathe in and out easily while lifting the button.
  7. A faint faint sound will now be heard.
  8. The use of this electric glass pen is available at a reasonable price.

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