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What is Taser Gun?

Taser Gun in Pakistan  a defense weapon in the shape of stun gun, is actually known by the trademark name “TASER gun.” It has a trigger and is construct to function like a gun. The TASER rifle operates on the premise of firing bullets to electrocute the assailant and render them immobile. While certain versions are created for personal use, law enforcement organizations are its primary users.

The TASER gun has a longer range than a stun gun because it doesn’t require close proximity to the attacker. The charge electrodes, which are attach to the gun through two cables, can easily be fire by the user. The user receives an electrical shock when the circuit between the two wires is complete. A’s electrodes of a TASER gun thereby need the replacement of the cartridge before shooting again.

Working of a TASER Gun:

With the addition and alteration of some components, a TASER gun’s structure resembles that of a stun gun. In addition, a battery, a trigger, and an amplifier circuit are included. Connecting the prongs or electrodes to conductive wires and a compressed-gas cartridge modifies them. Additionally, it features a place to keep extra electrodes and cartridges for shooting several times. The TASER rifle also comes with a second set of prongs that can be used as a stunner.

Taser Gun Price in Pakistan  The compressed gas cartridge opens when the user pulls the trigger. Gas expansion increases the pressure needed to fire the electrodes at the target.

The connecting wires enable the flow of electrical current towards the target’s body when the electrodes make contact with the target. Transformers and capacitors produce a large enough voltage difference to shock the victim. They swiftly become immobile as a result of the attack on the person’s muscles and nervous system.

As a defense against damaging attacks on people, self-defense tools have recently grown in favor. People have been choosing a variety of safety weapons, both lethal and non-lethal. Lethal weapons pose a significant risk of causing the deaths of others. For this reason, non-lethal weapons are a wise decision for self-defense. Some of the most common self-defense tools include TASER and stun guns.

Both of these weapons operate essentially according to the same principle, which is to stun an aggressor with electricity. While the TASER gun is classified as a projectile weapon, the stun gun is a close-contact device. Most people mistakenly believe that these two weapons are interchangeable. This page contains a thorough analysis of both guns in order to help readers understand how they differ from one another.

Taser Gun in Lahore  A hand-held defense tool called a stun gun delivers an electrical jolt to stop an attacker’s movement. At the body’s tip, there is a set of two or more prongs through which a constant high-voltage electrical current flows. A pulsing electrical shock is delivered to the receiver when it comes into close contact with these prongs.

The pistol must be in close proximity to the target in order to administer the shock, endangering the user’s safety. Additionally, these weapons are useless against those who are intoxicate or drug. These weapons don’t require replacement prongs after each usage because they are fastened to the body.

Difference between Stun Gun and TASER Gun

1. Brands

Taser Gun in Islamabad  are created and produce by numerous companies. Customers can choose from a larger selection of these guns’ models with various features. Popular companies with reputable stun products include Vipertak, Sabre, and others. The only company that makes TASER weapons is Axon Inc. In fact, the guns are now recognize as common self-defense weapons.

2. Reusability

For both stun and Taser Gun in Islamabad firearms, the reliability characteristic is seen as a crucial one. To ensure optimal safety, the gun must provide another electrical charge if the target is missing. Since the electrodes do not require replacing, stun guns can be use again. Before firing again, TASER weapons must be reload with electrodes, cables, and cartridges.

3. Overall Range

When it comes to the weapon’s range, the TASER gun has the advantage. This gun, which shoots projectiles, has a range of 15 to 35 feet, depending on the type. A stun gun, on the other hand, works only when its prongs make contact with the attacker’s body. This means that the gun’s effective range is roughly 0 feet. For optimum effect, users must press the prongs against the attacker’s body.

4. Ease of Use

When comparing the two weapons, the stun gun appears to be simpler to operate. It is simple to operate and doesn’t require target practice. To ensure that the prongs of the Taser Gun in Sialkot are properly hook to the attacker, good shooting technique is necessary. The user of the TASER gun must also reload it in the event of numerous shots. For a stun gun, the trigger just has to be click once to deliver many shocks.

5. Legality

Both TASER and stun guns are categorize as register units since they are consider defensive weapons. In certain nations, carrying and using these weapons requires a license. These firearms’ civilian models are only offer for sale to license individuals. Users are encourage to verify the legal restrictions on stun and TASER firearms for civilian use in their region.

6. Size

The stun gadget is smaller than Taser Gun in Multan weapons in terms of overall size. The design is more compact because there are fewer components. The TASER guns are heavier and bulkier in size. Long dimensions allow for the inclusion of extra parts like wire storage and cartridge chamber. Although the stun device is more transportable and smaller than even the tiniest TASER weapons, they are still accessible.

Best Option to Choose Between Stun and TASER Gun

Users must take several elements into account when selecting the ideal self-defense tool. The varied ranges of the two guns are important when shooting the assailant. For consistent output over many years of operation, the gun must be dependable and robust. It must be simple to operate and offer straightforward cartridge reloading. In addition, affordability is a selling point. People on a tight budget need a rifle with superior features.

The stun guns are appropriate for citizens who are able to conceal small arms in their pockets. Additionally, it is more affordable than the TASER gun, making it available to more customers. The use of TASER weapons against attackers at a specific distance is appropriate. The user is safe with the increased range , and a number of police enforcement organizations employ TASER weapons against aggressive assaults.

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